Social Work Advocate. Activist. Human.

With nearly a decade of social work experience, Samantha engaged in direct service work, statewide advocacy, and program support. Samantha (they/them, she/her) is a passionate activist and social justice advocate. Social work and community engagement is what guides Samantha in everything she does personally and professionally. She has worked with varying communities from children to hospice patients, though her passion lies in lgbtqia+ rights (focusing on trans* rights), reproductive justice, immigration reform, prison reform, and youth development. She enjoys spending time with her dog, family, and nature. You will see her thriving the most in life through political work, volunteering, and hiking.  

Samantha's  presentation and training portfolio
Samantha works at Family Service of the Piedmont as the LGBTQ Victim Services Specialist helping to cultivate program capacity building for best practices and equal access for LGBTQ survivors. Samantha's last employment was at the Texas Council on Family Violence, where she was a Family Violence Services Coordinator working to build education and technical assistance support to family violence providers in Texas. Both in and beyond work, Samantha has been recognized statewide for her political engagement. She received the Andrew Marks Student Advocacy Award in 2018 for her work in LGBTQ+ and reproductive justice rights.

Samantha graduated from Texas State University with a Master of Social Work with major in Advanced Practice Leadership degree in August 2018. Samantha graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in August 2017, with honors, magna cum laude. She completed her honors thesis, linked above in the "works" section, in Spring 2017. 

Samantha's career started in volunteering. In 2004, Samantha and her sister ran and organized the Cedar Park Relay for Life. In 2005, Samantha was honored to be invited to the Youth Leadership Conference for the American Cancer Society. For many years Samantha volunteered with endless nonprofits such as animal welfare organizations, cancer organizations and hospice care. Samantha began her professional career in 2011 at the National Dating Abuse Helpline. Since then, she has worked in domestic violence programs, a drug rehabilitation center, and youth services. 

Samantha's long-term goal is to work with communities to empower people while advocating for vulnerable populations.
Direct Client Services
Samantha has worked with clients in crisis intervention, case management, and community support in hotlines, shelters, and a drug rehabilitation center.
Program Planning Experience
Samantha has planned, organized, and executed community programs of varying degrees such as family engagement nights, farmers markets, and education programs for schools in Central Texas.
Volunteer Management
Samantha has assisted nonprofits in organizing, retaining, and recruiting volunteers for programs for events and ongoing volunteer opportunities.